In contemplating my new professional adventure, I thought long and hard about what to call it. I wanted to invoke an image that tells clients how seriously I take my mission of guiding them (organizations and individuals) to new heights. I wanted a name that tells others something about me, both professionally and personally. And, I wanted something that would remind me on a daily basis of the responsibility and commitment I’ve made to my clients. Hence, the name Belay On Advisors.

On the side of a mountain, the words “Belay On” matter. They aren’t spoken lightly, or taken lightly. When said out loud from one climbing partner to another, they indicate a deep commitment: A commitment that, if broken, could result in serious injury or death. Granted, my clients wont’ be facing life-ending decisions when working with me. But, nevertheless, I want them to feel like we are on the side of a mountain together, working towards a common goal together. I want my clients to feel the trust, teamwork, and communication that come with the words “Belay On”. I want them to be able to take risks they wouldn’t otherwise take because of the safety that comes with the words “Belay On”. I want them to feel the vulnerability that comes with a little extra slack in the rope, as well as the security that comes when they feel the rope pull taut. And, ultimately, I want them to reach new heights with Belay On!

As you can see, Belay On isn’t just a name to me. Nor is it simply a way of doing business. For me, it’s a way of life. It’s a commitment to the safety, challenge, and growth of others. It’s also my way of returning the favor. You see, I have been on belay my entire life. Lots of people have held the end of my rope while I have both struggled to, and sometimes succeeded in, reaching new heights. Now it’s my turn to do the same for others!

So, tie in and let’s reach new heights together. “Belay On”!