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Todd Hanna

A Passionate, Innovative, Experienced,
Leader & Developer of
People & Organizations

Leadership / Strategy / Purpose / People

Guiding & Inspiring Individuals & Organizations To New Heights

Todd is a compassionate, empathetic mentor

-Jason Bohm, Brigadier General, United States Marine Corps

Belay On! It's More Than Just A Name

“For me, it’s a way of life. It’s a commitment…to the safety, challenge, and growth of others”


Belay On Advisors is a Jackson, WY based consulting firm founded by Todd Hanna. With a mission to “guide & inspire individuals & organizations to new heights”, Belay On Advisors helps for-profit companies and non-profit organizations in four primary areas: Leadership, Strategy, Purpose, and People. Drawing on his extensive experience creating, leading, and improving organizations in the for-profit, non-profit, and military environments, Todd / Belay On Advisors has helped companies and organizations of varying industries, sizes, and stages reach new heights. A passionate, innovative, successful developer of people and organizations, Todd is known for his ability to think strategically while executing in a focused manner. He has has been recognized for his leadership formally and informally throughout his career.

At Belay On Advisors, We Serve:
Individuals & Organizations Committed To Reaching New Heights.

We Serve You By Helping You
Develop & Increase your Leadership Capacity
Create & Execute a Clear, Cohesive Strategy
Identify & Align your Purpose, Mission, Values, & Mindset
Inspire & Motivate your People & Culture

Our Values:

Be in the arena.
Seek to understand.
Continuously Improve.
Do the right thing, not the easy thing.
Care for others, and keep them safe.
Sacrifice for others.Say thanks, and mean it.

We Take Pride In Being”All In”…In Everything We Do.

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Todd Hanna
Todd Hanna
Todd Hanna
Todd Hanna


Our consulting services are designed to measurably improve individual and organizational performance, enabling both to reach new heights. Our focus is the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Purpose, and People.Todd has worked with teams and organizations of all types, all sizes, and across multiple industries, including CPG, financial services, real estate, construction, & non-profit. His expertise is in developing leadership capacity, creating organizational clarity and strategy, operational improvement & execution, and analyzing/creating/aligning systems & processes in order to help his clients reach new heights. He has worked with boards and organizational leaders at all levels to help them with mergers/acquisitions, sales & marketing, financial and operational assessment, operational improvement, strategic alignment, leadership cohesion, employee engagement, fundraising, pitch deck creation, and more!

Todd is also available for interim Executive positions & meeting/event facilitation and . For more information, please contact him.

What Others Are Saying:

“Todd Hanna quickly, efficiently, and effectively engaged our board and leadership in a way that not only synthesized our varied perspectives on the most pressing issues our organization faces, but catalyzed the right action by the right people at the right time. New heights in leadership, strategy, purpose, & people was promised and delivered!”
-Mike Braeuer, CEO, Explore Austin

 “…the most productive, self-reflective and beneficial four days primarily because of Todd Hanna.  His unique ability to turn divergent comments into thought provoking discussions is unparalleled.  He also has a great command of trending thought leadership concepts which spiced up the discussions and added value to the participants viewpoints.  I would highly recommend Todd if you want to take yourself, your team or any group to the “next level”.
-Ron H., CEO/Organizational Leader

Recent clients include:


A powerful, engaging speaker, Todd delivers presentations that are designed to inspire and connect with others. No matter the size or composition of the audience, Todd uses his unique and varied personal experience and perspective to deliver his message. Todd’s speaking engagements have included motivational speeches, personal reflections, major event keynotes, and event emcee.

Rave Reviews:

“Todd is a master at emceeing and even more, an exceptional leader who will impress beyond just his commanding stage skills. He is Endearing. Funny. Smooth. Effortless. Articulate.”
– Laura Nettleton / Explore Austin

“Todd knocked it out of the park with his poignant, powerful presentation.  Todd’s preparation and diligence was clear as he tied his message and lesson directly to our company’s values and mission, and engaged the team from the outset.”
– Brad Compere, CEO / Capstone Title

“Todd walks the walk and talks the talk of an individual who speaks from experience. He possesses the ability to greatly affect and fire up people with his message of leadership, culture and communication.”
– Jen Calder, Jackson Hole Ski Patrol

“Todd’s unique and actionable presentation achieved our goals for both attendee satisfaction and having a singular, hands-on learning experience.”
-Deb Gabor, Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Austin

“Todd Hanna’s presentation to our SOFWOLF Leadership Development program was outstanding. His engagement of our audience, preparation, and messaging was a highlight!”
-Sara Moola, Founder SOFWolf

Help your next event reach new heights….contact Todd today! Past Audiences & Clients Include:  


Gratitude… It’s More Than Saying “Thanks”

Gratitude is an attitude. It’s a mindset. Gratitude is not an action. Saying thanks is what you do when you show up. And believe me, saying thanks is important! But, gratitude is bigger than that. Gratitude is how you show up. And, in my opinion, how you show up matters… not just on the fourth Thursday of November, but all day, every day.

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“Marines Don’t Do That”…The Value Of Ethos In Decision Making

“Marines Don’t Do That” is an ethos. It is the fundamental character of Marines and of the Marine Corps. It is what informs those split-second, life changing/life saving/life ending decisions that Marines often make, as well as the day-to-day decisions that accompany the life of being a Marine. Most importantly, it also empowers Marines to hold one another accountable.

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“All In”… An Anchor Along The Route To New Heights

Two weeks ago, I completed a long-time goal of mine… the Grand Traverse. Upon completing the traverse this year, I reflected on what it was that kept me going…what it was that ensured I didn’t quit? And, I asked myself, “is that “something” transferable to other parts of my life, my business, and to my clients?”

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